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2021 State of Caring Report Published

Carers UK 2021 State of Caring report, is based on a survey of over 8,000 people currently caring unpaid for family or friends, the majority of whom provide well over 50 hours of care every week. The report reveals the huge personal and financial cost of caring for a loved one.

  • Over half of unpaid carers (55%) who use day services have reduced or no access because of COVID-19
  • Only 13% of carers confident they would get support they need in the next 12 months
  • Six in 10 (62%) worried services will be reduced and nearly half (47%) worried about losing access to voluntary sector services because of funding cuts
  • One in five unpaid carers (20%) who work would reduce working hours or would be at risk of giving up work altogether if they cannot access affordable and accessible care
  • One in five unpaid carers are worried they may not cope financially over the next 12 months
  • 36% of carers say that their financial situation has worsened since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic
  • One in four carers (23%) may not have enough money to cover their monthly expenses
  • 63% of carers are also using their own income or savings to cover the cost of care, equipment or products for the person they care for.
  • Carers spend an estimated £1,370 a year on average on services or equipment for the person they care for
  • Over half of carers 52% feel anxious or stressed about their finances
  • one in three carers (35%) providing more than 35 hours of care a week said they have been or are in debt.

 Read the report here.

Carers UK estimates the number of unpaid carers increased by 4.5 million at the height of the pandemic to 13.6 million[1]. Unpaid carers saved the UK economy £193 billion a year during the pandemic[2].

Carers UK is urging the government to urgently put in place the financial and practical support that carers need.

If you look after someone who couldn’t manage without your help, contact Birmingham Carers Hub for information, advice and support. As you can see here, we provide a whole range of support, including Carer’s Assessments where if there is an unidentified need, you may be entitled to a Carer’s Wellbeing Payment. Register with Birmingham Carers Hub free of charge here, or to contact one of our advisors call 0333 0069711 or email info@birminghamcarershub.org.uk

[1] Carers Week (2020) Carers Week Research Report
[2] Carers UK (2020) Unseen and Undervalued