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Workplace Support

Balancing work and an unpaid caring role can be incredibly challenging. Forward Carers provides Carer Awareness training to help employers to support and retain their staff.

Forward Carers

Forward Carers is on a mission to create Carer Friendly Communities, places that understand and value the caring role, and where unpaid Carers can thrive in all areas of life and work.

New Project: Carer Friendly Brum

The Challenge: Balancing professional responsibilities with an unpaid caring role can lead to significant stress for working Carers. They often face tough decisions such as using annual leave for caring, reducing working hours, foregoing career advancements, or even quitting their jobs. With approximately one in seven employees in the UK juggling work and caring, supporting working Carers is essential not only for personal wellbeing but also as a business imperative.

Our Solution: Carer Friendly Brum offers specialised workplace training programmes designed to assist employers in supporting their staff who are Carers. This initiative fosters a supportive work environment where Carers can thrive, and businesses can maintain a committed and effective workforce.

Carer Friendly Workplace Champion Training

This training is tailored for individuals who aspire to be a beacon of support for Carers within their organisation. Participants will be equipped with the tools and knowledge necessary to effectively advocate for and assist working Carers, promoting a more inclusive workplace culture.

Special Offer: Thanks to the Carer Projects Grant Fund programme, Birmingham employers are eligible for a 50% discount on all training sessions, making it more feasible for businesses to invest in this crucial area.

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