Other Carer

The projects below have been funded by Birmingham City Council, the Children’s Trust and Birmingham and Solihull Integrated Care Board and commissioned by Forward Carers, with the support of an independent panel.

Other Carer Services

Autism, ADHD and Learning Disabilities Support The following support enhances our current offer to Parent Carers and for those Carers who have a learning disability themselves. Read More
Addiction Support Caring for someone with an addiction can be challenging and emotionally draining, but there are steps you can take to support them and maintain your own well-being. Read More
Community Support The ten Neighbourhood Network Schemes (NNS) in Birmingham now offers Carer groups and activities to encourage adults aged 50 plus to lead healthy, happy and independent lives. Read More
Counselling, Bereavement and Pre-Bereavement Support Whether you are in the pre- or post-bereavement stage, these services and activities can support you. Read More
Health and Wellbeing Support In addition to Birmingham Carers Hub’s wellbeing support, Carers can also access health checks, therapeutic gardening and drama classes. Read More
Workplace Support Balancing work and an unpaid caring role can be incredibly challenging. Forward Carers provides Carer Awareness training to help employers to support and retain their staff. Read More
Young and Sibling Carers Support Young Carers are aged under 18 years old, and you look after a family member who has a disability or an illness. Specific support is available to help you. Read More
Other External Carer Support Outside of the Birmingham Carers Hub offer, Carers can also access support with advocacy and mental health. There is also local support available to Young Carers. Read More