Carer Services

Community Support

The ten Neighbourhood Network Schemes (NNS) in Birmingham now offers Carer groups and activities to encourage adults aged 50 plus to lead healthy, happy and independent lives.

Neighbourhood Network Schemes (NNS)

Neighbourhood Network Schemes (NNS) are designed to help older adults over 50 in Birmingham to lead healthy, happy and independent lives in their own homes and communities. There is an NNS in each of the ten constituencies and most are run by voluntary and community sector organisations.

The NNS co-ordinate community-based prevention & early intervention services. They develop partnership work between voluntary, community and faith organisations and the public sector, in particular Adult Social Care and Health. Birmingham City Council has developed and funds NNS and Birmingham Voluntary Service Council (BVSC) currently provides support.

New Project: Small Grants Fund for Carers

A new fund totalling £50,000 has been made available to the ten NNS’ across Birmingham to commission new Carer groups and activities. Voluntary sector and unconstituted groups will be invited to apply to their local NNS for funding to improve Carer wellbeing.

Further Information:
If you are interested in finding out more about this funding, please read our blog post.