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Birmingham Carers Hub offers a wide range of support and services to carers in Birmingham. Registering with us, or referring another person, is quick and simple.
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Who are we?

Birmingham Carers Hub is a partnership of not-for-profits who have come together under the management of Forward Carers, to deliver support and services for unpaid Carers in Birmingham.  Our partners reflect the diverse communities across Birmingham, so we can reach every Carer who needs us with the support they need. We are funded and commissioned by Birmingham City Council and BSOL Integrated Care Board, who are integrated with the Children’s Trust Birmingham, enabling delivery of the all age citywide Carer’s pathway.

We are particularly proud to be entrusted by Birmingham City Council to deliver Statutory Carer’s Assessments in supporting the Council to discharge its statutory duties.

Our Commitment to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
We believe in an inclusive society where everyone is treated with dignity and respect.  Our aim is to achieve this by making our Carer services inclusive and accessible to all sections of the community. We do this by working with a wide range of delivery partners and by attracting and retaining a diverse workforce.
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