Carer Services

Young and Sibling Carers Support

Young Carers are aged under 18 years old, and you look after a family member who has a disability or an illness. Specific support is available to help you.

Action for Children (AFC)

Action for Children is a national organisation supporting children, young people, and families through various projects. The Birmingham Community Centre provides vital support to families of children with additional needs, including parents and siblings. The support ranges from one-on-one assistance to play schemes and short break creche for children and siblings, along with support groups for siblings.

New Project: Y-Space Project (AFC)

In collaboration with YMCA Sutton Coldfield, this project focuses on supporting young Carers in managing their mental health and equipping them with practical coping strategies for day-to-day stresses. The project will also help Young Carers with practical skills they might need in caring for siblings and/or parents and Carers via:

  • Bouncing Back Mental Health Group Sessions: Providing mental health support to young Carers within schools.
  • Essential Skills Workshops: Covering First Aid, managing behaviour, and managing medicines for young Carers in community venues.
  • Individual Support for Future Planning: Offering one-on-one support to help young Carers with their further education and employment choices.

Support for Young Carers (aged 13-18) is also available from Action for Children through the Sidekick confidential helpline.

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Sense is a national disability charity that supports children and adults who are deafblind or have complex disabilities to communicate, experience the world, and fulfil their potential.

Sense offers personalised support in residential, supported living and community services, provides practical support to families, and campaigns for the rights of people with complex disabilities.

New Project: Young and Sibling Carers in Birmingham

This project will reach young and sibling Carers aged 5-18 years living in Birmingham and caring for people with complex disabilities. It provides much needed services to give young and sibling Carers a break, a place to go, make and meet friends who are also Carers.

Young and sibling Carers have said they want to meet face-to-face and online, so this feedback has been implemented. The project includes online activities such as cooking, quizzes, film nights, science fun, gaming and book clubs for different ages, and online wellbeing sessions offered by a qualified counsellor. A face-to-face group meets monthly at TouchBase Pears in Selly Oak and offsite, with activities selected by the young and sibling Carers.

A residential weekend will be arranged during each of the two years of the project to celebrate the project and its achievements.

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YMCA Sutton Coldfield

YMCA Sutton Coldfield is an independent charity supporting people in Birmingham for over 100 years. Each year, YMCA Sutton Coldfield supports 800 young people and adults with disabilities across their range of services.

New Project: Y-Space (YMCA)

Working in partnership with Action for Children, the Y-Space project supports 14-17 year olds with caring responsibilities. YMCA Sutton Coldfield will support young people’s transition to adulthood through one-to-one mentoring and time out and wellbeing activities. The project is open to young people across Birmingham who can access time out activities run in various locations across the City. In addition, young Carers will be able to access focused mentoring work in and out of school in Perry Barr, Ladywood and North Birmingham.

The project will help Young Carers to:

  • Have new experiences.
  • Develop coping strategies for complex issues.
  • Have increased aspirations for the future.
  • Be more confident and independent.

Through work in schools and the community, the project will raise awareness of what it means to be a Young Carer and increase access to support available.

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The Young Carers referral form can be downloaded here and sent back via the email above.