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What’s your experiences of remote medical consultations?

Healthwatch Birmingham is helping Healthwatch England with a new research project and we would like to invite you to get involved. 

The project is looking in to people’s experiences of remote medical consultations – this is when a doctor, nurse or carer provides support over the phone or via video rather than in person. 

There has been a significant rise in the use of these services during the Covid pandemic and this project aims to check whether or not they are meeting the needs of people.  

This research, which is being done in partnership with Traverse (a social research agency), will feed into a guide for patients and professionals, about how to get the most out of remote consultations and appointments.

You can read more about the project here.
Who are we looking for?

The project is specifically looking for a diverse range of people, in particular: Age: we’d like to hear from both younger people (under 25) and older people (over 65)Ethnicity: we’d like to hear from BAME communities, who we know may have a different experienceHealth conditions: we’d particularly like to hear about experience with mental health care, outpatient hospital appointments and primary careDigital literacy: we’d like to hear from people who are using digital tools for the first time to access healthcare, as well as those who are online more regularly
What would I have to do?

The research project will run over 10 days from June 22nd to July 1st. Over the 10 days you would be asked to: Complete 4 activities online, like a questionnaire or online discussion which should take about 15 minutes each.Attend one 90-minute video call where you can share your views.The total commitment is therefore likely to be 2.5 hours and will be run online so you can do it from home. 

You would be asked to take part in all the activities, but if that’s not possible there are ways of catching up independently. 
How do I get involved?

If you are interested in taking part in this important research please email info@healthwatchbirmingham.co.uk with your contact details and tell us if you feel you fit any of the characteristics we are looking for by 12 noon on Friday June 12th.

Many thanks,

The Healthwatch Birmingham team

For more information:Call us on 0800 652 5278 / 0121 636 0990 Email: info@healthwatchbirmingham.co.uk