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Scam Warning

Please ensure you are aware of some of the latest scams – including texts, emails and phone calls (some in the middle of the night). Birmingham Carers Hub and our partners would NOT contact you unnecessarily and we would NOT ask you for money.

Beware of communications from those purporting to be the police, the bank, HMRC, DWP (regarding National Insurance), the NHS (regarding a covid pass), Royal Mail and couriers, such as Hermes.

The police or your bank will never ask you to withdraw funds and hand them to a courier, or transfer them into a ‘safe account’. If you get a call from the police or your bank, hang up, wait at least 10 minutes and then ring back the police or your bank back on a number you know is genuine.

  • Be alert to links and attachments in unexpected text messages or emails
  • Do not respond to requests for money, passwords or financial details
  • If you strike up a romance with someone online, be wary if they ask you to send them money.
  • Report fraud immediately either to West Mercia Police on 101 or 999 or Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040.

Three things to do if you get a suspicious text

1. Stop! The text could be a scam. Read carefully and look for any details that don’t seem right.

2. Don’t click on any links or give out any personal or bank details.

3. Report any suspicious texts to 7726 and make your friends and family aware too. Simply forward the text to that number and it is directed to the mobile provider. These numbers can then be investigated and potentially blocked if found to be a persistently rogue number – helping to flush out fraudsters and prevent more people from being exposed to scam attempts.