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NEW 12-Week RESET Programme

Starting in January 2024, RESET Health Group will be offering a NEW 12-week RESET Programme free of charge, thanks to funding from Forward Carers.

RESET Health Group believes that talking therapy alone is not enough and goes beyond conventional mental health treatment, offering a holistic, long-term solution to your health concerns.

Rather than simply prescribing diets, medications, or exercise routines and psychotherapies, RESET practitioners stand by your side, helping you conquer self-doubt and reconnect your health with your life’s ultimate purpose. This is the secret to crafting personalised and enduring change.

What is the RESET model for Carers? 
By taking part in the 12-week RESET programme designed for Carers, you will gain a greater understanding of your mind, body and environment.

You will learn how to identify your triggers, manage your thoughts, regulate your feelings and implement healthier coping strategies. The way we think affects our behaviours, and therefore our ability to achieve our goals. In this group, you will learn to shift your relationship with your mind, body and environment. 

What does the 12-Week Programme Involve?
You will learn how to RESET your mind, body and environment.

You will have two hours per week with Consultant Clinical Psychologist Dr Marion Wachet. Transforming minds and lives! Master your mental and emotional realms. Uncover the impact of stress, grief and trauma on your mind.

RESET Body/ Movement
You will have two hours of weekly Yoga + Breathwork to revitalize your body and mind! Discover the profound link between mind and body via mindfulness, meditation, breathwork, and yoga. Overcome negativity and anxiety.

RESET Community
Nature’s Wisdom: Cultivating Change and Community! Join a two-hour monthly session to build resilience, community, and enduring well-being with Forward Carers.

The weekly sessions will cover:  
Week 1: Introduction – Body and Mind and environment Connection – Vision and Goals 
Week 2: RESET Model – Reset Log 
Week 3: The Power of Your Thoughts – Your Mindset and The Con Artist 
Week 4 : Daily Routine  
Week 5: Relationship and communication  
Week 6: The Gut-Brain and The Gremlins 
Week 7: Grief and Lovingly Let it Go  
Week 8 : Environment 
Week 9: ‘Just Like When’ 
Week 10: Release Your Power, Release Your Emotions  
Week 11: Rest Mode / Sleep 
Week 12: 12-Week Plan 

*In Bold = Compulsory Sessions 

When and Where?
The programme is due to begin week commencing 22 January 2024 where all sessions will be delivered hybrid, online and in-person. The exact dates and times will follow shortly when the location is confirmed but it is likely to be at The Birmingham Buddhist Centre to begin with.

If you are interested in joining the programme or for more information, please contact: carers@theresethealthgroup.com