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Message from the Director Adult Social Care

Dear Family member/Carer


As you will be aware, Coronavirus is still prevalent in Birmingham and we remain committed to ensuring that we continue to meet the care and support needs wherever possible.  You may be aware that the Director of Public Health has already asked care homes to restrict visitors. 

We appreciate that this is a difficult time for all carers whether their loved ones are living with you or in residential care.  Following the earlier pandemic, we received feedback from citizens and carers that some found it difficult to find useful information.  As such we have written to each and every citizen in receipt of a service from adult social care with the attached letter.  It provides information about what support is available and where to look for updates.

I realise that the Carers Hub are supporting carers across the city and we are grateful for their continued support.  However, I wanted to ensure that you received the attached information (click here) as a carer also.

Finally, the city council have a dedicated website which includes latest service information.  https://www.birmingham.gov.uk/info/50231/coronavirus_covid-19.

I hope you find this information useful as we continue to face these challenges together.

Yours sincerely

Professor Graeme Betts


Adult Social Care