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IMPORTANT Update for Carers Regarding Coronavirus

We’re all facing a monumental challenge to both understand and cope with what is going on around us.  As you’ll appreciate we’re following government and public health advice on how we respond to Coronavirus and are taking measures that will change the way we support Carers for the foreseeable future.

We have advised all staff and partner agencies to suspend Carer grouped activity such as Support Groups, Carer Training and Carer Events.

In addition, we are recommending the following to Carers and their families:

  • Follow core public health advice​​
  • Avoid contact with someone who is unwell
  • Avoid public transport
  • Remain in regular individual contact with the person you are caring for if you do not live with them
  • Ensure that you and the people you care for, as well as people coming into the home, follow hygiene and infection control guidance​​
  • Plan for contingencies, regularly check local authority and other agency emergency plans​​
  • Make the most of your online networks NOW – family, friends and neighbours, and local community organisations – make a ‘WHAT IF…’ plan’​​. Avoid face to face gatherings with friends and family
  • Ensure you keep key information to hand, about you and the person you care for​​
  • Remember, if you are registered with our CERS service (Carers Emergency Response Service) you can contact them for support in an emergency (tel. 0121 442 2960)
  • If you are unsure if you have coronavirus, use the NHS 111 online assessment here.

Please bear in mind that we are asking staff members and teams to follow guidance as well, this means restricting face-to-face meetings and instructing staff to work from home where possible, however we’re endeavouring to maintain our Carers HUB Info and Advice line. This will focus mainly on telephone support for Carers.

I recognise that these measures will effect many of you who already feel isolated and disconnected, so it is with a heavy heart that we are taking these steps. We’re one big Brummie family, who can pull together and get through this when we have the backs of our families, friends and neighbours.

Warm wishes,

Simon Fenton
CEO Forward Carers 

Staying Connected
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0333 006 9711 or email the team at info@birminghamcarershub.org.uk

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Food Bank Deliveries
If you are self-isolating with coronavirus symptoms and over the age of 65, contact As-Suffa Outreach Food Bank to arrange a local pack delivery, you can contact them on 0121 285 2777 or 07835487124, info@as-suffa.org​.