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How do you feel about the Covid vaccine?

National Institute for Health Research NIHR has produced six short films with each story based on real conversations about vaccine research.

If you are worried about the vaccine and don’t really know the facts, watch these stories as they dispel myths and provide reassurance. The films focus on communities who are disproportionately affected by Covid-19 such as Black, Asian and minority ethnic groups, older people, and those with existing health conditions and our poorest communities.

Varsha is coming to terms with her only son deciding to sign up to participate in a vaccine trial. Will she stop him or support him?

Jide is a male nurse married to Fola in his mid-fifties who is a devout church-goer. This monologue focuses on the lasting friendship between Jide and Pa Olu who is a respected elder in the Nigerian community and the reluctance of the church community to listen to him as a health care professional.

Mandy has diabetes. She is Ollie’s neighbour he’s encouraging her to face her fears about catching COVID-19. Mandy wants to be able to hug her children without fear of catching COVID. She needs to be brave and consider taking part in a vaccine trial.

Asif lost his father from COVID-19 in the first series of COVID and Me. This monologue focuses on the influence that family members have on people’s views of taking part in vaccine trials.   

Ife is trying to find love during lockdown and social distancing. Having nearly lost her father to COVID in the last COVID and Me series, Ife is trying to convince her date not to believe all of the conspiracy theories.

Sheila was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago but now in remission. Her keep-fit class instructor has asked the class to consider taking part in a vaccine trial which is being run from the gym hall they usually go to for their keep-fit class. Sheila has to decide if she has enough information to ‘let go and leap’.

The films will be available in the following languages soon: Punjabi, Urdu and Bengali.