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Hardship Grant Community Fund

Birmingham Voluntary Service Council’s (BVSC) Hardship Grant Community Fund (HGCF), part of Birmingham City Council’s (BCC) wider Household Support Fund (HSF) activity, will be running until 31st March 2024.

BVSC will be distributing grants of up to £200 to Birmingham households, currently facing financial hardship, with the funds intended to help households with food costs and energy payments. Applications will be accepted until 31 March 2024, or sooner if all funding has been distributed.

Who is eligible?

  • You must be a Birmingham Resident
  • You must be experiencing financial hardship, particularly with regards to covering costs linked to food and energy
  • Your household must not have received a £200 grant payment in the last 12 months*

Please be aware that you may be expected to provide proof of address and proof of means-tested benefits (if you are in receipt of them) in the case that you are invited to apply.

How do I apply?
To apply, potential applicants will be required to complete the enquiry form, or call 0121 634 7100 and answer questions regarding your suitability for a grant payment. All applicants will be contacted via email on the outcome of their enquiry and next steps.

Please be aware that your enquiry will be processed quicker if you use the form, so this method is strongly encouraged if you are able to do so.

*Please be advised that each household is only eligible to receive one £200 grant payment in a 12 month period. e.g. If you received a £200 payment on 30 September 2022, you cannot reapply until 1 October 2023. Any application received before your eligibility date will be rejected.

The application system actively monitors submitted applications looking for signs of fraud and details of any attempts to make fraudulent applications and/or fraudulently receive grant funding will be shared with West Midlands Police.

Receiving a grant from this fund will not impact on any other benefits you may be receiving or may be entitled to.

Grant payments are made directly into a bank account in the applicants name. If you do not currently have a bank account, please click the link below for details on how to open a Basic Bank Account.

Opening a basic bank account

What additional support is available?
You can find more information and resources on Birmingham City Council’s Cost of Living Support Page and on the Government’s Cost of Living Hub.