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FREE Mobile Data, Calls and Texts for Carers

Get free Internet access

Forward Carers manages the Birmingham Carers Hub service and is working with National Databank to provide FREE mobile data, calls and texts for Carers.

Staying connected to family, friends and support is so important and the digital world enables you to easily, regularly connect. With this in mind, we are excited to announce that thanks to a partnership with National Databank, we are able to give away up to twelve-months free mobile data, calls, and text plans to Carers.  

With the cost-of-living crisis adding to the financial pressures many Carers experience, being able to access reliable internet isn’t always possible or affordable. We want to help you to stay connected, access important information and give you the same opportunities to connect and utilise the online world as anyone else. TV personality, Gail Porter is championing the National Databank, said “It’s a service that would have helped me to get off the streets more quickly when I was homeless. You can’t underestimate the power of being connected and being able to access important services and information on your phone.”

Included in the plans 

  • Unlimited calls and Texts
  • Generous Data Allowance that will keep you online and connected no matter where you are.
  • We will be able to support individuals on low income to access data via free voucher codes and SIM cards.  

There are three data offers from the National Databank: 

The packages that we have available will vary depending on supply. We cannot guarantee the availability of all plans. We will select a plan from those we have a supply of and that we feel is most suitable for you. 

  • O2 – 20Gb/month, free texts and calls for up to 12 months 
  • Vodafone – 20GB/month, free texts and calls for up to 12 months 
  • Three Mobile – 24Gb in total, data only, can be used until data finishes. 

Please note: For the O2 data offer, the SIM can be used in a MiFi (device that will help you connect with the internet on the go), a phone will also be needed to receive the monthly voucher code for you to keep connectivity going. No phone is required to use Vodafone and Three SIMs and MiFi.

Who can claim a mobile data package? 

To receive a mobile data package from us, you, or the person you are applying for, must

  • Be currently affected by Caring responsibilities 
  • Are registered with Birmingham Carers Hub 
  • 18+ years old 
  • From a low-income household 
  • Have a smart phone or SIM enabled tablet which is either unlocked or compatible with O2, Vodafone or Three networks (this is essential to be able to activate the data)
  • Qualify in at least one of the following statements: 
  1. I have no access or insufficient access to the internet at home 
  2. AND/OR I have no or insufficient access to the internet when away from the home 
  3. AND/OR I cannot afford their existing monthly contract or top-up. 

What do I do next?
Ensure that you are eligible to apply, read this pdf to check. To make sure the process goes smoothly, we ask that you please take some time to prepare ahead of requesting a SIM card from us by reading this.

To request data packages please complete and submit this form and we will be in contact with you within 14 working days.
Data packages are allocated on a first come, first served basis. Find more support on the cost of living crisis.

The National Databank is an exciting new initiative launched by Virgin Media O2 in partnership with Good Things FoundationThis initiative aims to provide a solution to the UK’s digital inequality by supplying free mobile data to those who need it.