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Free Carers ID Card for Registered Birmingham Carers

There’s great news for Brummies’ who are registered with Birmingham Carers Hub.
Unpaid family Carers who support a close family member or friend who has a serious illness, frailty or addiction, can now order a FREE Carer Friendly ID Card.

What is the Carer Friendly ID Card?
The Carer Friendly ID Card is provided by Forward Carers and is the easiest way to visually verify that you’re an unpaid Carer when you‘re out and about in Birmingham or outside of the West Midlands.

The card is available as a digital download that displays a passport-style photo of yourself and is proof that you are an unpaid Carer. There is also the option of requesting a physical card (credit card size) which you will need to collect in person. The ID card provides three main benefits to Carers.

Three Main Benefits of the Carer Friendly ID Card

  1. Proof of your caring role – The card is a simple way of verifying your status as an unpaid Carer without the need to carry confidential paperwork around with you.
  2. Includes your ICE details – The physical and digital card available on your smart phone displays your ICE (In Case of Emergency) contact details so your next of kin, neighbour or friend would be informed and ensure support was put in place for the person that you care for.
  3. Access to discounts and offers – By shopping online, you can take advantage of hundreds of discounts on well-known brands by registering for FREE with Discount for Carers. There are savings to made locally in Birmingham on presentation of your card and within the area of Dorset if you go away on holiday.

How to Apply for Your Carers Card

You can access the FREE Carers ID Card through the Bridgit platform. In this video, Darren from Bridgit Care guides you through the process of applying for your card.

Watch this video explaining how to access your Carers ID Card

You can apply for your free Carer Friendly ID card through our virtual assistant Bridgit by completing a form and uploading a head and shoulders photo of yourself. If you have any queries about the Carer Friendly ID Card, please contact carerfriendly@carerfriendly.org.uk

This is what the Bridgit platform looks like, click the image to watch the instructional video.
  1. Choose your ‘region’ e.g. All of Birmingham or Selly Oak for example
  2. Choose what support you need in your caring role, e.g. Carer’s Assessment
  3. Select ‘I’d would like assistance with’ e.g. ‘Cost of Living and Discounts
  4. Select any ‘wellbeing’ advice e.g. Anxiety
  5. Click ‘Get Support’ where you can find out more or select to go straight to your plan
  6. This will bring up the information about the Carer Friendly ID Card. To apply for your ID card, click the ‘Share you’re a carer’ link. Then complete the online form where you will need to include a head and shoulders photo of yourself.
  7. You will instantly receive your virtual ID card on your phone or computer.  You’ll also have the option to ask for a physical card which you will need to collect from a Carer drop-in.

Carer Drop-ins
Our drop-ins will be available at our Carer’s Hub at TouchBase Pears in Selly Oak. The drop-ins will be the second Tuesday of the month, 10.00 am – 12 noon and the fourth Thursday of the month, 3.00 pm – 5.00 pm. If you have any queries about the Carer Friendly ID Card, please contact carerfriendly@carerfriendly.org.uk

The first drop-in will be on Tuesday 14 November between 10.00 am and 12 noon, followed by another one on Thursday 23 November between 3.00 pm and 5.00 pm at Carer’s Hub, TouchBase Pears, 750 Bristol Rd, Selly Oak, Birmingham B29 6NA. The rest of the dates will be available on our What’s On page.

To register with Birmingham Carers Hub, please complete this form.