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Forward Carers Story of 2020 Video is Highly Commended

We are pleased to announce that Forward Carers video entry in the Social Enterprise Mark CIC ‘Story of 2020’ Competition has been judged as Highly Commended.

Forward Carers Community Interest Company holds the approved Social Enterprise Charter Mark which recognises our commitment to using our funds for the public good. We always invest surplus income in our work to improve carer wellbeing. Being awarded this charter mark allowed us to enter the Social Enterprise Mark’s Making a Mark competition. This involved submitting a video of our Story of 2020 to illustrate how Forward Carers and our partners responded to the demands and challenges created by Covid-19.

Our video outlines who we are and how Forward Carers supports unpaid family Carers along with the help of our not-for-profit partners. During the pandemic, we knew that Carers would need us more than ever and we recognised the challenges and the impact Covid-19 has on Carers. Our Story of 2020 describes how our services adapted to continue to support Carers throughout the Covid-19 crisis.

Watch our Highly Commended Story of 2020.

The judges were really impressed with the quality of submissions and reported it was a really difficult decision to select a final winner. Sophie Short, Social Enterprise Mark’s Marketing and Communications Manager said we were a “close contender for the final winner position”.

Pauline Gannon, one of the judges, explained: “I loved how the video gave a voice to so many. They brought you to the heart of their social enterprise and the work they do. It was a very well laid out story and explanation, which showed how they rose to all challenges and showed great adaptability and resilience.”

Simon Fenton, CEO of Forward Carers said, “It’s wonderful to be awarded with this achievement. I’d like to thank Forward Carers staff who were involved in this video production as well as our partners, Pete Millington from Age Concern Birmingham and Hobby Rahman from Oscar Birmingham for taking part in filming. I’m humbled by what Forward Carers and our partners has achieved for Carers during this extremely challenging time.”