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Carers Rights Day – a Carer’s Point of View

Kam Bola is a Carer for her son. Kam also juggles work as a yoga teacher for Carer Life Spa at Barefoot Birmingham, one of Birmingham Carers Hub’s partners. Working provides a ‘break’ from Kam’s caring responsibilities but as she explains, she is never really off the clock and even if you don’t have a paid job, you are always working.

Today we celebrate Carers across the nation who are committed to providing care for their loved ones. Sometimes the caring responsibilities arise as a consequence of an illness, some are born with certain needs and I fall in the latter part.

But what are we celebrating?

Feeling exhausted, tired, on the go and still having to uphold other responsibilities, such as other children, parents, a job, upkeep of a home and all that comes along with it.

If you are fortunate to work, you do get some respite from your responsibilities but it’s still always there right? The checking of the phone, the glancing at text messages to see if someone needs to get hold of you. The anxiety of a future unknown, the fear of losing the person ……

Whether you work or not (in the employed sense) you are always working and don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise. Don’t let people tell you if you stay at home you must be lucky! Yep that one really hurts right!

I’m sharing some of my thoughts and experiences today to say what goes on inside the mind of a Carer is always a constant voice because you’re having to think in the shoes of your loved one(s)

My outlook to life changed the day my son was born and despite the nice images you see on the socials there are times when things are not nice at all, but I’m okay with that because if I show him I’m stressed out he will feel it and I don’t want to upset him or hurt him more than what he already may feel on a daily basis.

I have learnt to live life to the fullest because I know that tomorrow may not be guaranteed.

Speak to your employer at work, Carers have rights too.

Everything starts from having a loving, kind and compassionate community around you, that supports your wellbeing too.

Big love my carer friends and family.

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