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4 Reasons Why You Should Care About Awards

Now in its third year, our annual Carer Friendly Business Awards recognises the incredible contribution of businesses and organisations that support our Caring communities across the West Midlands. Some businesses may question whether it’s worth entering awards, so, here are our four reasons why you should enter the Carer Friendly Business Awards:

  1. Showcase your credentials as a carer-friendly business
    If you are going above-and-beyond within your community to help promote the incredibly important role that is carried out by unpaid carers, you deserve to have this recognised. Winning a Carer Friendly Business Award is a statement that you are doing everything you can to help carers.

  2. Motivate your employees and attract talented new workersUnpaid carers make up a significant portion of the workforce in the UK, often caring for a family member or loved one alongside paid work. Being recognised for supporting carers demonstrates to current and potential employees that this is a topic that you value highly, helping you to boost morale and attract talented new members of staff to your team.

  3. Highlight your businesses’ ethosThe world of business can be cutthroat, but many companies are increasingly looking to move away from this image by showcasing their outward-facing place within society and working hard to highlight and engage with issues that are close to them. Winning an award for the part you play within your local community helps to strengthen this image.

  4. Opportunities for publicity
    Winning any award provides great PR opportunities, allowing you to promote your award win and what it means to your business. This publicity can certainly help to establish trust and build awareness with potential customers.

There are a six awards available, including categories for Carer Friendly Customer Care and Carer Friendly Employer.

If you want to celebrate the good work your business is doing, or you want to highlight a business that you know is supporting their community, then go to our website to nominate a business for free.