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3 Perks of Using The Carer Friendly Card

As an unpaid carer, you’ll know all about the difficulty of balancing your life, as caring for others means dedicating a significant portion of your time. This can also often correlate with losing money. In fact, almost a third of unpaid carers have reduced their income due to dropping work hours in order to provide care for a family member or friend. Therefore, we believe that carers, who dedicate so much of themselves to helping others, deserve to have the ability to treat themselves and maintain self-care.

Luckily, we’re not the only ones who believe that carers have earned the right to be recognised. During the Covid-19 pandemic, a lot more people began to realise the vitally significant work that unpaid carers do for society. Consequentially many businesses throughout the UK have signed up to offer discounts to carers through our Carer Friendly Card.

Here are three reasons why you should use the Carer Friendly Card:

1. Save money

It may sound obvious, but the key benefit to using the Carer Friendly Card is how much money you can save every year by using it when you shop. Whether you’re browsing online or on the high street, you can save over £400 per year! The key to getting the most out of your card is to use it regularly. It takes a little bit of a change in mindset, but if you keep the card with you whenever you’re shopping (physically or online), you’ll remember to start using it wherever you shop, and the savings will soon start to add up.

Huge range of retailers

There is a huge number of retailers who offer carer discounts through the Carer Friendly Card and these range across industries including food, fashion and healthcare. Use your card and you’ll get discounts at many well-known brands including Amazon, Boots and M&S, and you’ll also be able to save at smaller local stores too.

2. Prove your status as a carer

Alongside helping you spend less when you shop, the Carer Friendly Card also serves an additional purpose as a photo ID which proves your role as a carer (subject to verification). Having a Carer Friendly Card means you no long need to carry confidential paperwork to prove your caring status. It saves having to continually explain your caring role while you are with your loved one and empowers the cared for with dignity. The card verifies your caring role so that you can access free or discounted travel and entry into attractions.

3.  Peace of mind

The Carer Friendly Card also gives you peace of mind, as it includes contact details of who to call should there be an emergency and you are unable to carry out your caring responsibilities. You can be reassured that someone will call your named contact on your card and that your loved one will be safe and taken care of.

The role carried out by unpaid carers has always been incredibly important. Using the Carer Friendly Card is one way for you to gain the recognition you deserve for the work that you carry out – businesses are delighted to be acknowledging you and what you do for society by offering you discounts and more.

Getting your Carer Friendly Card is easy. You can buy your card by visiting our website.