Nurturing ADHD Kids online course evening group


Wednesday 12 June 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm



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Cost: Free

A six week series of online 60 minute sessions led by an adult with ADHD to help parents and carers support their ADHD children.

Does your child have ADHD or suspected ADHD?

Are you trying to support them but find that everyone gives you different advice?

Are you finding that it is affecting the wellbeing of the whole family?

The first evening  session is on Wednesday 5th June at 7pm and will then be held weekly for six weeks.

Book here: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZMkcuqrrT8oH9HMw3kaHD1BKotLzKCxwSuD#/registration


The group is led by Nora Young, a director of Birmingham Resilience Education and Wellbeing Services CIC (BREWS)

Nora has ADHD herself and has raised autistic ADHD children. She was a primary school teacher for over 25 years and over the last few years has worked with ADHD young people from 6 -19. She set up BREWS to try to provide the support that she wishes she had been able to get when she was on her parenting journey.

Much of the traditional parenting advice does not work with neurodivergent children. This can lead us to feeling like bad parents. While we are struggling to support our children, who is supporting us?

In theses sessions we look at how to create a sensory profile, how to solve problems collaboratively and how to advocate for our children. We do not suggest sticker charts, time outs and other tactics that try to alter children’s behaviour through rewards and punishments. We try to find out the underlying unsolved problem that is causing unwanted behaviours.

Please join us!

We are passionate about supporting neurodivergent children and young people and their families.

We are funded and supported by Forward Carers to offer this course free to parents and carers across Birmingham.