LSE: Unmet Needs and Unpaid Carers Workshop – Online


Tuesday 07 September 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm


United Kingdom


Cost: Free

London School of Economics are hosting an online workshop to further their understanding of the unmet needs of unpaid carers, which is being facilitated by Forward Carers. Carers who attend will have a chance to offer their views on what issues they face and what can be done by the local and national government to better the lives of carers. 

The event is free and carers who attend will qualify for a free £25 Amazon or One4All gift card for their time!

The research.

Social care services can help support people with care needs and carers. Services might include home care, paid carer or mental health services. for example. LSE have carried out a study among people supporting family and friends who are living with them to find out who gets services and who does not, what effects not having services has on carers, and what additional support is helpful to carers.

London School of Economics and Political Science will be sharing their findings with national government, local government, social care departments, carer’s organisations and carers. LSE want their findings to be helpful to carers and to help improve support for carers.

The workshop.

We are inviting carers to take part in workshops to:

(i) Give their views on what LSE have found. Does it match with their experience and the experience of other carers they know?

(ii) Discuss how LSE might share findings with other organisations and government

(iii) Decide on the most important messages

What does taking part involve?
We will hold a workshop which will be online (e.g. via Zoom). The workshop will involve an informal discussion with short presentations of what LSE have found. We are interested in people’s views and suggestions.

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