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Partner in Care Card (Carers Passport)

Birmingham Carers Hub has produced the Partner in Care card. It is available to Carers for FREE and is designed to help in the following ways.

  • The card identifies you as a Carer and you can carry it with you. The card will also contain a unique reference number, if it states PRN at the start, this is the registration number that is linked to Birmingham Carers Hub, and this code can be used when accessing services that request proof of registration.
  • In an emergency, it will give details of your chosen in case of emergency contact so they can be informed as well as alerting services that someone you care for may need assistance.
  • The card enables you to access local offers and other hundreds of other online discounts

The card will be issued by one of our delivery partners such as the Carers Emergency Response (CERS) team, or our health care partners within the NHS trusts.

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