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Is Adult Social Care including you?

People for Public Services would like to invite you to its next meeting on 18 April at 11 am, online using Microsoft Teams.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is the organisation responsible for regulating and inspecting health and social care providers in England. As part of its duties, the CQC will be inspecting the services provided by Birmingham City Council’s Adult Social Care in 2023.

Part of the inspection will include checking how well Adult Social Care includes members of the public in shaping and delivering services.

Here are some examples of how Adult Social Care includes people:

  1. When a social worker carries out an assessment, the person is included in deciding what help they need.
  2. After receiving initial support, the person is contacted to check if the service is working and agree if any changes are required jointly.
  3. There is a group of citizens who meet monthly with managers to help improve the quality and standards in adult social care.
  4. A regular survey is undertaken to citizens in receipt of services to check they are happy with the service and if any improvements can be made.

The CQC may also look at accessibility for engagement, for example; how easy can citizens get involved and are provisions made for support such as; having hearing loops, disabled access, information accessible for people with visual impairments etc.

If you have any ideas or comments on how people can be involved in adult social care differently or better, we want you to join the online meeting.

To book a place, please click here

If you are unable to book a place, please do not hesitate to contact getinvolved@birmingham.gov.uk