Carer Services

I care for someone with an addiction

Aquarius Action Projects  provides a Counselling Service which is designed for family and friends who are concerned for a loved one who is struggling to cope with substance misuse and/or drinking. 

The service provides time and space for Carers to share their feelings, and identify effective ways of coping with the challenges, stresses, strains and difficulties they are experiencing with their substance misusing loved one. 

Specifically Aquarius will provide families with: 

  • Emotional and mental health support including professional Counselling 
  • Respite activities 
  • Advocacy support in areas including – care planning, overcoming practical and bureaucratic challenges,  liaison with employers and schools, and maximising income 

If you would like support from Aquarius Action Projects call 0121 622 7780. 

Carer Services

Below you can find out about support relating to specific caring situations