Forward Carers, a consortium of service providers, runs Birmingham Carers Hub

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If you are a carer, looking after someone who lives in Birmingham, we are here for you. Browse our site to see what support we can offer you and find useful information including local training and events for carers.  Sign up for our regular e-news updates or call our Carers Hub Team to register with us.

Introducing Forward Carers

From April 2014 Birmingham City Council commissioned Forward Carers to deliver new services to support carers in Birmingham. The aim was to ensure that all carers have easy access to a range of high quality support services that meet their needs.

Forward Carers formed as a consortium of expert providers, including local community and voluntary organisations, schools and social enterprises with existing experience of delivering services for carers in Birmingham. Working together these organisations are able to design and deliver services that are flexible and innovative in approach, and which can meet the diverse needs of carers in different communities across the city.

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What You Can Expect from Us

We are committed to offering appropriate services to the wide range of individuals who find themselves in the position of needing to provide informal, unpaid, care to other people. In delivering quality services we believe in being:

• Open & Respectful
• Flexible & Accessible
• Relevant & Practical
• Reliable & Efficient
• Resourceful & Creative
• Understanding & Friendly

We will be increasing the amount of information and support we provide online, whilst continuing to provide a telephone service during office hours for those who value talking to someone directly. Where carers may benefit from specialist help, we have people who can meet them face-to-face to assess their situation.

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Need a Break?

If you are a parent of a disabled child we can help you arrange a short break.

We can also help you access carer short break grants. These are a flexible way to look after your own health and wellbeing by taking a little break from your caring role.

Call us on 0333 006 9711 to find out more. Birmingham Carers Hub Birmingham Carers Hub

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Simon Fenton, Chief Executive of Forward Carers

"Our vision is that everyone caring for a loved one can get good quality support which will ultimately make a difference to their health and happiness."